Golf + Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Another version of golf with rules to increase drinking.

4 cards are dealt to each person face down. Remaining cards are placed in the middle to serve as a draw pile. Players arrange their 4 cards into a square in front of them. Players are allowed to look at their bottom 2 cards once before the game starts.

Play proceeds clockwise as players take turns drawing a card from the middle and either swapping one of their cards with it or putting it back.

There is a limit to the cards that a player may swap from their square. The two cards on the bottom that were looked at can be swapped an unlimited number of times. The card in the upper left corner can never be looked at and the player is stuck with that card for the entire game. (this card is usually turned perpendicular to the other cards to show it is out of play). The card in the upper right can never be looked at, but can be swapped out ONCE (a blind swap).

Once it has been swapped this card should also be turned perpendicular to the rest.

Play proceeds until a person thinks they have the lowest hand, at which point they knock.

Each player except the knocker gets one more turn. Everyone flips their cards, and points of each player are tallied. Like the actual outdoor game of golf you want the lowest possible score. The best score a person can get is a -2. The scoring of cards is as follows:

Aces=1, Kings=0, One-eyed Jacks=-1, queens and two-eyed Jacks=10, numbered cards=face value

winning player counts from the lowest to highest score, each player drinking til their number is called.

Special rules:
3 wins in a row- player makes a rule.

If a loser finishes their beer before the winner counts to their number the winner must drink half a beer.

If a player knocks on their first turn and wins (w/o drawing any cards)- loser of the game takes a shot.

If a player knocks on first turn and loses overall- player takes a shot.

If a player goes under par (<0) and wins- player gets to give a shot.

If a player is dealt a hand that is under par- everyone takes a shot.