Double or Nothing Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

The game starts with someone deciding to be the dealer. The game is similar to the popular game of "Up the River/Down the River", but with a twist.

The dealer starts by asking the person to his left the question of the round.

Round 1 (worth 2 sips): Red or Black
Round 2 (worth 4 sips): Higher or Lower than the previous card the person got
Round 3 (worth 6 sips): In between or outside the first two cards the person got
Round 4 (worth 8 sips): Call the suit

If the person is right, they give out. Wrong means you take in.

Now here is where the twist comes in. If you start the round off right, you go on the "good" path. You now have the opportunity to "Double or Nothing" your sips. Basically, you are asked the same question of the round again. Here is an example:

(Entering the 1st Round)
Dealer: "Red or Black?"
Tom: "Red" (Card is a 5 of Hearts. He is correct)
Dealer: "Double or Nothing?"
Tom: "Yes, Black!" (Card is a A of Spades. He is correct again! Now he would give out FOUR sips since he doubled his TWO)
Dealer: "Double or Nothing?"
Tom: "Yes, RED!" (Card is a 8 of Diamonds. He is correct AGAIN! now he gives out EIGHT sips since he doubled his FOUR!)
***NOTE: You only keep the LAST card dealt to you. The rest go to a discard pile. In this case, Tom keeps the 8 of Diamonds.***

Now, if at any time in between that Tom guessed wrong, he would give out Nothing. Hence, "Double or Nothing".

Now if Tom's first guess was wrong, he begins on the "bad" path, but has a chance to redeem himself so that he doesn't have to drink anything, but this could potentially destroy him. Here is an example:

(Entering the 4th Round)
Dealer: "What's the suit?"
Tom: "Hearts" (Card is a 5 of Spades. He is wrong and owes 8 sips)
Dealer: "Double or Nothing?"
Tom: "Yes, HEARTS!!" (Card is a 3 of Diamonds. He is wrong again. His 8 sips now doubles to 16!)
Dealer: "Double or Nothing?!"
Tom: "Yes, F-ing HEARTS! (Card is a 7 of Diamonds. Now Tom drinks 32!)

If at any time after getting the first card wrong in the example above Tom was correct, he takes in "Nothing".

Now, at the end of the 4 rounds, you now have 4 cards in front of you. The card you obtained during the 4th round (the Suit round) is your "roof" card and is placed in front of you above the 3 other cards horizontally like so:

| | |

This card is worth double in the tower. You then take all of the discarded cards from the first 4 rounds and shuffle them up. Then, layout the cards in the middle of the table in a tower pattern with one card on top like so:

1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2

Do as many 1's and 2's cards as you'd like. (Generally we try to put every discarded card in the tower.)

In the tower, the 1s are give out and the 2s are take in. In the above tower, the first row is worth 2, the second is 4, the third row is 6, the fourth is 8 and the fifth is 10. The very top card is give out your whole beer.

Now, if the second row 1 card is a 7, Tom would give out 8 because the row is worth 4, but since the 7 was the last card dealt to Tom in the suit round, it is his "roof" card and doubles the value of the row.

Special Considerations: You can play with or without Jokers. If you play with Jokers they act as a "take any card on the table" card. So if a Joker is given to you, you take anyone's card on the table that will make the choice you just made correct! The person whose card was stolen then gets a new card and take 5 sips!