Crossthread Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Each person gets three cards dealt to them face down. After all cards are delt, everyone picks up one card and without looking at it licks it. Then, they go ahead and stick it on their forehead.

Person right of dealer starts. He/She gets three chances to guess what the card is and the only way he/she gets help is between the guesses he/she can ask if the card is higher or lower than their previous guess.

If they get the card right they don't have to do any kind of drinking and they lay the card face up.

If the card is guessed wrong the person has to drink as many drinks away from the final guess EX. final guess is a 2 and the card is 10 Take 8 Drinks.

Face cards are J-11, Q-12, and K-13.

When finished drinking put the card face down.

After the end of the three rounds of the first game, the person with the most cards turned up gets to make a drinking game rule. Ex. can only drink with their left hand. If the rule is not followed person(s) must drink one gulp. Now if there is a Tie at the end the person that wins is the person with the highest cards. Ex. 5,7,A and A,10,Q the person with the A,10,Q wins.