2 Man Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

If you've never heard of suites this is how you play.

Dealer holds all cards and the person to the left of the dealer calls a suit. Say "Hearts" is the suit called. The dealer then gives one card, face up, and the person who gets the heart has to drink the face value. But to stop drinking say you get the 10 of hearts it has to go around the table and everybody says a number 1,2,3 etc. until 10. If you finish your beer before the amount is done you can slam your can and screw the person who was supposed to say the next number.

To screw somebody else when your drinking finish your beer then slam it down and the person who was supposed to call the number has to drink the card.

If you slam your can down when all the numbers are counted and you dont call a suit, you have to drink it all over again. Also if you mess up in counting, the person who screws up has to drink that card.

Now where the 2 man comes in. If you get a 2 you have to drink with the person that the suit was given to. In otherwords you drink alot, and you drink with all the suits until another person gets a 2.

Game is over when all cards are dealt, YOU WILL GET DRUNK!