Suits Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards

Canned Beer

Game Play/Rules

Arrange the cards in a circle in the middle of the table. Make sure you have a cup/can that people cannot see how much alcohol is left in it, or you will get screwed!

The first person to go, calls a suit, and draws a card. If the card they drew is the same suit as the one they called, they drink for the number of seconds that the card is (Jack-11, Queen-12, King-13, Ace-14). If it's not the suit they called, the next person draws, until someone has a card of the called suit.

Now comes the reason you want a colored cup. The person to the left of the drinker starts counting the number of seconds they have to drink. They can count as fast or slow as they want. (If you count "7" the next person must say "8", but they can wait as long as they want to say it) The next person to their left calls the next number, and so on around the table until they reach the appropriate number of seconds.

If you know the person drinking has full beer, take your sweet time. If you're not so sure, you better call the number quick! If the drinker finishes all of their drink and slams their cup on the table before the group is done counting, whoever was calling the next number, has the drink ALL of the drinker's time over. (Ex- If you have 7 seconds, and finish when someone is still counting "3", the person who was supposed to call "4" has to drink for 7 seconds)

If the group does finish counting, then the drinker must call a suit BEFORE setting their cup down, or drink their last cards number of seconds AGAIN. If someone is to drunk, (it's not hard to do!) and messes up the order of counting, the person drinking gets to stop, and the person who messed it up has to drink their time, then name a suit, pull a card, and the game continues!


Let's say there are 5 people playing. The first person calls "hearts". Pulls a card. It's a queen of spades. The next person pulls. & of diamonds. Next person, a 9 of hearts. So he picks up his drink and starts. The person to his left calls "1", next person "2", next "3", and so on. Last person call's out "9" and he finishes and call's "clubs". The whole thing repeats.

That's one scenario. Another would be the same thing happens up until the time is being counted. The person on "7" calls their number, and before the next can say "8", the drinker slams his empty cup down. The person who didn't get to call their number, now has to drink all 9 seconds.

Just one more. If the same scenario plays out again, and seconds are being counted out, and someone who is supposed to say "5" just repeats "4", or messes up the order of counting in anyway, they get to drink all 9 seconds.

*ALWAYS remember to call a suit BEFORE you set your cup down, or you have to drink the same number of seconds you just did, AGAIN! Don't let people distract you, or you WILL forget!*