Lefty's Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

This is a great starter game. It's quick and fun.

One person is the dealer, but they play the game just like anyone else. No cards are dealt to start.

Round 1: "Smoke or Fire"
In turn, each person guesses "black or red" (smoke or fire) and the dealer flips the card in front of them. If the person is right they tell someone else to drink 'one.' If they are wrong they take the drink.

Round 2: "Higher or Lower"
In turn, each player guesses "higher or lower" than the card placed in front of them from the previous round. The dealer then places one more card in front of the player. If they are right they give two drinks. If they are wrong they take two.

Round 3: "In-between or Outside"
In turn, each player guesses "in-between or outside" the cards in front of them. Same as before except three drinks this time.

Round 4: "Suit"
In turn, each player guesses suit. If they are right they give four, if they are wrong they drink four.

Round 5: "Up the River"
Dealer places 8 cards face down in to columns of 4. The first two are worth one drink, second set of two are worth two and so on. The 4 cards on the left are "give" cards the other 4 on the right are "take" cards. The dealer flips over the cards in order starting with the left hand "give one" card. If a player has the card they give another player a drink. Then, the dealer flips the "take one" card. If a player has that card they take a drink.

Example: One player has two kings on the table in front of them. The dealer flips the "take four" card and it's a King. The player takes 8 drinks.

Other rules:
-Play the game fast. It's more fun. If a person is being to slow, just flip the card. They didn't guess so they got it wrong.
-On rounds 2 and 3, if the card flipped over is one the person already has then they drink double.