King's-Oie Rules Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Ace-Social (Everyone drinks).

2-Give (Hand em out).

3-Take (Get drinking).

4-Whores (Ladies drink).

5-Up High (Put your hand in the middle. Last one to do so drinks).

6-Dicks (Guys drink).

7-Thumbmaster (Whoever is master gets to put their thumb on the table whenever they want last person to follow drinks).

8-Waterfall (Everyone starts drinking 2nd person can't stop until first person stops 3rd person can't stop until 2nd does and so on).

9-Rhyme (Busta rhyme. Whoever screws it up drinks ex. Beer cheer deer here etc.)

10-Never Have I Ever (Say something you have never done, but you think the other people playing have if they have done it they drink ex. Never have I ever sucked a dick so pretty much ever girl playing is going to have to drink).

Jack-Category (Pick a category like beer the 1st person names one then the next person this goes on until someone messes up by saying something that has already been named or they canít think of one that person drinks).

Queen-Question (Look at anyone playing ask them a question they have to look at someone else and ask a differnt question. If they answer or ask the same question they drink the drunker you are the better this one gets).

King-Rule (Make a rule you can play where all the rules stay or whenever a new king is drawn then it wipes out the last rule ex. You can't touch your drink with your right hand/no elbows on table/whenever you stand up to get a beer or take a piss you have to hop on one foot/pick a letter any letter and you can't use that letter when your talking this one gets tricky/green martian on your beer if you know this one it's a blast when everyone is buzzing).