Egyptian Taxi Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 6

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

This game is played on two stages.

First Stage:

Create a pyramid with the deck of cards. Start from a single card on the top row to five cards on the last row, these cards are placed face down.

Hand out 7 cards to each player.

Each row of the pyramid represents how many gulps, or shots, the player takes. Alright, so a player starts by flipping the card on the first row. If a player has this card in their hands they lay it down on top of the flipped card. However, many cards the player lays down on top of the flipped cars multiplied by the row number is how many gulps/shots that player can dish out.

For example: Player A flips the third row of the pyramid, it is a 5. Player B has 2 threes and plays both of them on top of the flipped card. Player B can now hand out 6 drinks(1 card = 3 gulps/shots). Go until all the cards have been flipped. The person with the most cards in their hand loses. If there is a tie, a best out of 3 of rock/paper/scissors will determine who the loser is.

Second Stage:

The loser of the first stage is the only player for this part. The dealer yells "Let's Ride The Bus/Taxi/Scooter/Moped" Basically the dealer shuffles the whole deck and lays down a card.

The player who lost the first round then guesses high/low. They have to guess correctly 10 cards in a row. If the player guesses incorrectly whatever number card they are on is the number of gulps/shots they take. The dealer then reshuffles and starts again until the player A) passes out or B) gives up. If the player gives up, a penalty of 5 gulps/shots is required.