Drunk Driver Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 3+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Sit around in a circle.

1. Dealer asks person to the left "Red or Black" Go all the way around and if you miss you drink face value and if you get it right you get to hand out that many.

2. Next is Higher or Lower than the previous card. Once again right hand out, wrong you drink.

3. Next is in between those 2 cards or outside of them ex. if you have an 8 and a jack, you guess outside and its a king you get to hand out 13 drinks.

4. The last one is Suit, it is the toughest, same rules apply miss you drink, right pass out.

5. Line up 2 rows with 5 cards in each row. Dealer flips up card in row 1. If the card that is flipped matches a card in front of you, you drink. Now the dealer flips up card 1 in row 2, if you have a matching card you get to hand out face value. Now you do the same thing for the second card, but it is worth double the amount. Then, you go to the third it's triple, fourth is half a beer, and the last card in the row is a full beer.