Death Row Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards

Thirteen Beer

Game Play/Rules

Line the 13 cans in a row in the middle of the table.

The cans represent each card in the deck, 2 through Ace.

The first person starts and flips over a card. Whatever that card is they must put it next to the can that represents that card (Ex: 4 is 3rd can, Jack is 10th can). That person must open the can and drink however much they want from it.

This can be from a sip to the whole can. This continues with people pulling cards in a circle at a fast rate.

When someone gets a card that is already next to a beer they still lay it down next to the beer and drink however much they want.

This continues until someone pulls the fourth card of that number (Ex: the fourth 6, the fourth King). Then, the person that pulled the last card must finish whatever is left in that can. It can range from an empty can to a full one depending on how much everyone else before them drank.

People can end up getting 4-5 beers to chug at the end.