Crazy Cuts Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 3+

1 Deck of Cards

1 Beer for the Middle of the Table


Game Play/Rules

A player cuts the deck. The player takes the card that is still laying on the top of the deck after the cut. The deck goes all the way around the table. Whoever draws the lowest card (ace being high) has to drink that amount of drinks (face cards and ace are 10).

The player lays the card in front of him/her. The deck continues to go around the circle until 4 of a certain card are chosen. After all 4 cards of that same number (ex. all four 8's or all four kings) then the person that pulls the fourth of a certain card has chug the beer in the middle of the table.

Not a long game, but it is kind of fun and suspenseful.