Circle of fire Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards

A Pint Glass


Game Play/Rules

Everyone sits round the table, and the cards are placed face down around the pint glass in a circle. Then, one by one, people turn a card over and have to perform the corresponding task (it's also known as ring of fire!!)

2 - "For you" You pick someone to drink 2 fingers worth.

3 - "For me" You drink 2 fingers worth.

4 - "The whores" The girls drink 2 fingers worth.

5 - "Head master" Holder of the card can put his head on the table, last with their head on the table does DIAMOND OF DEATH (will explain later).

6 - "The dicks" The guys drink 2 fingers worth.

7 - "Social" Everyone drinks 4 fingers worth.

8 - "Waterfall" Everyone starts drinking, and you can only stop drinking once the person to the right of you has stopped, starting with the card picker.

9 - "Rhyme" Card holder picks a word and everyone has to rhyme a word with it, loser does DIAMOND OF DEATH (will explain that later).

10 - "Question card" Pick a person to ask a question to, if they get it wrong, they do DIAMOND OF DEATH.

Jack - "Piss card" You can only go to the toilet if you have this card.

Queen - "Category" Holder picks a category, and people have to name something to do with it, loser does DIAMOND OF DEATH.

King - "Fill it up" Fill the pint glass up in the middle all of the way with what your drinking, last person to pick up a king downs the pint, no questions asked!

Ace - "Never have I ever" Holder says, "Never have I ever....(says something they haven't done)" and people who have done it drink 4 fingers worth.

Take the remaining cards from around the pint glass, don't touch the used cards, and place them in a diamond, face down:
card card
card card card
card card

Like so. Starting from left, move across each row turning the cards over one at a time, trying to get across the board in 5 moves, if you come across a face card or ace, you take 1 finger booze, 2 for a queen, 3 for a king and 4 for an ace.

If a face card is come across, new face down cards or placed on top, and the player must start again, and so on until the end is reached.