Circle of Death Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 3+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Take the deck of cards and spread them out on the table face down. Then, going around in a circle each person draws a card and follows the instructions below.

2 - You take two drinks

3 - Waterfall: The picker decides which way the waterfall goes. The picker makes a toast and everyone starts drinking and no one can stop until the person to his or her right/left (depending on the picker's choice) stops drinking. The last person cannot stop until everyone else is done drinking.

4 - Whores: All girls drink.

5 - Social: Everyone drinks after a toast.

6 - Dicks: All guys drink.

7 - Story: The picker says one word to start a story and then the next person says one word and so on. The person that drinks is the one that says a word that doesn't make sense in the story or whoever gives up.

8 - Category: The picker decides a category and then names something from that category.
Some examples:
Types of cars: Ford, Chevy, Dodge...
Condoms: Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles...
Sex Positions: Missionary, Doggie Style, 69...
Beer: Miller, Leinie's, Coors, Budweiser...
Cigarettes: Marlboro's, Lucky Strike, Camel...
Kitchen Appliances: Toaster, Oven, Fridge, Coffee maker...

9 - Rhyme: Picker picks a word and everyone else must rhyme with that word. The person to drink is the first person that cannot think of a word.

10 - Ahead: The person to your right has to drink 1.

Jack - Back: The person behind you has to drink 1.

Queen- Question: You must answer each question with a question. The picker looks at any person playing and asks them a question and that person may look at anybody else and ask them a question. The first person who does not ask a question must drink.
Some good questions:
What's a queen?
Who's turn is it?
Do you know what time it is?
Are you asking me?

King- Never Have I Ever: Picker says something that they have never done (or has done) and whoever has done what the picker says, they drink.
Never Have I Ever used a toilet.
Never Have I Ever been to a grocery store.

Ace- Rule: Picker gets to make up a rule that lasts until the end of the game.
*Little Man Rule: You need to take the little man off your glass before you drink. If not you drink again.
*Sentence Ending Rule: You have to say something at the end of each of your sentences.

You can change any of these to other rules if you don't like them or want the game to be more or less aggressive.