Casino Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards

A cup for each player

Another cup that will be placed in the middle


Game Play/Rules

This is like "Bet your liver" we just added another rule to make it more interesting. Trust me, it completely changes the game.

Place the deck and extra cup in the middle of everyone. Sit in a circle around this.

Your pour(bet) any amount of beer into the middle cup and then guess whether the card you will pick form the deck will be red or black. If you get it correct, you don't drink and it's the next person's turn. If you get it wrong, you must chug the middle cup. Here's the difference:

If you guess the face value everyone except you must chug the drink in their hand. If you get it wrong, you must chug both the drink in your hand and the middle cup.

How this works is that it forces everyone to bet more so that they don't have a lot to chug in case someone goes all-in and wins. You will want to go all-in a lot if there is a little beer in the middle cup and your cup.

If you finish the drink in your hand (either from chugging or betting) you have to fill it up all the way to the top. No filling of partially empty cups is allowed.

If someone has less than a quarter of a cup and you guess correctly you can tell that person to top up. You can only tell one person at a time.