Bullshit Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

The goal of the game is to get rid of all of your cards as quickly as possible.

Players sit in a circle around the table and the dealer passes out all the cards to everyone face down.

The game starts with aces and goes down from there. Kings, Queens, Jacks and so on.

The first player will lay down their ace or aces face down so no one can see them. When laying the cards down you must verbally say what you're doing. (Two aces!)

Then the next person can lay down kings.

The object of the game is to lie about the cards you're laying down so that you can get rid of them as quickly as possible. So in the beginning for example if you have no aces you can lay down a random card or two and say they're aces when in fact they're not.

If someone thinks you are lying they can call out BULLSHIT! and the cards you just put down will be flipped over.

If you were in fact lying about the cards you must pick up all the cards that are in the pile and add them to your hand. You also must drink the number of cards that were in the pile. Example being if there were 12 cards down you must drink 12 dinks.

If the person that called Bullshit was wrong, then they will have to pick up the cards and drink the amount of cards.

The winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards.