Beer Bounce Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 3+

1 Deck of Cards

Ping-Pong Ball


Game Play/Rules

All players sit around a table with a closed can of beer in the center. The deck of cards is spread around the can face down and the starting player picks a card at random and puts it face up on top of the can.

He/She then takes the Ping-Pong ball and bounces it off the table trying to knock the card off. If the card is knocked off he/she can choose someone to drink for that amount of time (face cards are 10 seconds and aces 11, all cards under 5 are doubled).

If the player who bounced the ball completely misses the card, he/she drinks for that amount of time.

If the player hits the card, but it does not fall off the can, then one second of drinking is added, and he/she does not need to drink and the ball is passed in rotation.

Added rules (Not Needed):
1) If a joker comes up, a waterfall begins starting with the person who pulled it and going in the direction they choose.
2) If an ace is puled that person becomes the thumb master, if they put their thumbs on the table everyone else must follow and the last person to do so chugs for a set amount of time.
3) The last card is worth double its value no matter what.
4) If a Jack is pulled, the person who pulled it gets to make up a rule, such as "No first names" or "drink only with your left hand".