Arrogance Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards

Empty pint glass


Game Play/Rules

This is a really simple game, but can get incredibly messy very quickly.

The pack is shuffled and the player who is going to start pours as little or as much of his own drink as he wants into the pint glass.

There is going to be a fifty-fifty chance of him having to drink it or passing it on so he must pour bearing in mind both how little he wants to drink and how much he wants the next guy along to drink.

He then calls a colour - red or black - and draws a card. If he is right, then the pint glass passes to the next person to repeat the process. If wrong he must down the drink in the pint glass and then refill and have another go.

The beauty of the game is that there will often be several right calls in a row so as the pint becomes fuller the stakes are raised. An extra pint glass may be needed if there are a lot of correct calls in a row or if people are feeling particularly arrogant about their ability to arrogant call a fifty-fifty, and consequently putting a lot of their drink in the glass.

If one person calls incorrectly three times then, the play automatically passes onto the next person.