Add-It-Up Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 2+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

The most sober person goes first, and the dealer is always the person to the left.

The dealer lays down one card face up. Whoever is up then has to guess a number. This number is what they think that card, plus the next two cards add up to. The dealer then lays down the next 2 cards. However many they are off by, that's how much they drink. All face cards (as well as aces) are worth 11.

Special Rules:
All three cards are the same color = DOUBLE THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE TO DRINK.
All three cards are the same suite = FINISH YOUR BEER.
All three cards are in order (EX: 6,7,8) = FINISH YOUR BEER AND THEN SHOTGUN ANOTHER ONE AS WELL.
Whoever is up guesses the right number = DEALER DRINKS UNTIL HE/SHE CAN'T DRINK ANYMORE.